Free Kindle Books…Long Live Project Gutenberg

Dec 25, 2010

Seems that there are more free kindle books than ever before and that’s a good. Amazon’s list of free Kindle Books is growing and growing. What’s great about Kindle is that if you don’t have the Kindle device, you can still enjoy any of these Kindle books on your Windows computer using the free Kindle for PC application.

Amazon is also working on a Mac version of Kindle Desktop but until that happens; you can download the free Kindle app from iTunes store and read books on the move using your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Not only are there well over 1 million free books, which include many classic public domain titles, that can be downloaded at any time, Amazon also offers many new books for free for a limited time.

They release these books almost on a daily basis and if you know where to find them you can pay for the price of your Kindle in only a couple of weeks just by downloading all of the free books.

Free Kindle Books offers these E-books (below) under the same identical terms as Project Gutenberg. We consider these to be “the same books” as Project Gutenberg, file-format-converted to run natively on Kindle and other MOBI and PRC compatible E-Book Readers. Please read the terms of use before downloading. Recently Project Gutenberg has started supporting MOBI file format directly on an “experimental” basis, although the existence of these files is not correctly reported if you search on the “PRC” file type.

The Project Gutenberg file conversion process to MOBI is different than that used by this website, so sometimes the PG version may be better for your purposes, and sometimes the E-Books on this site. The Project Gutenberg site remains difficult to use directly from Kindle. This site remains a great place to browse for great books from Kindle.



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