Disney Christmas Parade 2010

Dec 25, 2010

Disney Christmas Parade 2010

Oh it’s such a great day today. How couldn’t it be a wonderful day – it is Christmas after all! There is so much to do today. One of my favorite things this year is going to be watching the Disney Christmas parade 2010.

If you are on the look out for the Disney Christmas parade 2010 make sure that you don’t miss it. You are going to be able to see it Christmas day (today) on ABC. The time is going to be at 12:00 EST. This is going to be one awesome Disney Christmas parade 2010.

Besides for all of the great characters that are going to be showing up on the floats and flying through the air there are going to be many other favorites there as well. One of the hottest boys bands out there right now, Joans is going to be there. Selena Gomez is going to take the stage and sing as well. Make sure you don’t miss the Disney Christmas parade 2010.



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