I Got It But Now…How to Activate iPhone 4

Dec 25, 2010

How to activate iPhone 4 is the only question I have now that I have unwrapped my prize possession from Apple. I’m a forty year old woman and you can’t even imagine how excited I was to unwrap my iPhone 4 earlier today. I have been waiting anxiously for months to get it and now it is finally here. So now I have only one question. How to active iPhone 4? Is it one of those things that spring will come around and I still won’t have my phone working.

Actually no, I have found the answer and the folks at Apple / Apple Store are standing by to get all these things activated. Of course your service provider has something to do about it to. So here is what I did. First I, took a nice glass of Mimosa, installed my beautiful case and then started reading.

Phone 4 is the latest and most advanced phone Apple has ever produced. It is THE bomb everyone is been waiting for so long and with early announcement dates, this little critter has gotten a lot of pressure around it. There was a staggering 600,000 pre-order for this wonderful device only in the first day! Imagine how that number will multiply over the next weeks!



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