The Pan digital Novel Multimedia e-Reader, Nook & Kindle Helping Readers Create Their own library

Dec 25, 2010

E-Readers are taking over the world of technology and just may very well put the old school book stores out of business in the near future. Who ever first came up with the idea to make a hand held device that allows users to download multiple e-books into one device is pure genius. Some may say that carrying around a device that weighs the same and is just about the same size of some books, is pointless. But anyone who has experienced what e-readers such as the Nook and Kindle have to offer, knows that there is no comparison when it comes to advancing technology.

No more library cards and grumpy old ladies to tell you to keep your voice down thanks to what today’s electronics can now do. Be as loud as you want and create your own personal library using some of the latest hand held devices such as the Nook, The Pan digital Novel multimedia eReader, and the ever so famous Kindle. Kindle is one of the top products sold on, right up there with many of the other name brand electronics. People are always looking for an easier way to do everything, and thanks to advancing technology, something as easy as reading a book can now be done electronically.

All the e-Readers are small in size, light in weight, and offers a user friendly interface. This slick and savvy hand held device is a must have for any person that enjoys to kick back and relax with a good book. While all the the e-Readers tend to sound the same after researching each one, breaks it down in comparison to one another and helps shoppers make an informative decision.



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