Aton Impulse Viking Amphibious 4×4

Dec 24, 2010

A company based in Russia, Aton Impulse LLC, has created one awesome 4×4 vehicle that is also amphibious as well. Their Viking vehicles can be used on road with a Vehicle Type Approval Certificate. They have done many years of research to develop this versatile truck that targets the corporate, government and recreational off-road and amphibious markets.

The Aton Impulse Viking can also be ordered in a 6×6 configuration as well. It can seat between 3-12 people in th cabin area, and can carry a load of 800-2600 kg. Self powered trailers can help with heavy loads.

In the water, the high-flotation boat frame, combined with a water propulsion system, can drive the Aton Impulse as fast as 15 kilometers per hour against the current.

The truck has a low center of gravity to reduce the possibility of a rollover accident that is common with other off road vehicles.

The suspension system is pneumatic all the way around and suspension height is adjustable also. Tire pressure can also be adjusted from the comfort of the cab.



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