Adrienne N. Martin

Dec 24, 2010

Another sad story emerges in the news. The death of a 27 year old woman was reported and confirmed shortly thereafter. Investigators are still not sure of the cause. The name of the deceased is Adrienne N. Martin.

There is plenty of information to be found out about Adrienne N. Martin. Why was she ins the house of August Busch IV the CEO of Busch? Well apparently she was an aspiring beer model and it can’t hurt to rub elbows or other things with the guy that can get you the job, right? Adrienne N. Martin had other ambitions as well however.

Not only was she dreaming of being a beer model with her beautiful Native American looks but she also wanted to be a child therapist. She was recently divorced and shared custody of a 8 year old son with her ex husband. The latest reports claim that August Busch IV and this young lady were romantically involved. We will just have to wait with everyone else to find out the cause of death for Adrienne N. Martin.



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