Emeril Lagasse is a top chef and a Celebrity with Prime Rib roast recipe, tips

Dec 24, 2010

It's Christmas Eve and the cooks across America definitely need all the help they can get for the perfect meals. We know exactly where to look in Hollywood as Emeril Lagasse, Martha Stewart, and Rachel Ray are some of the best chefs on the smaller screen. They know exactly how to make the perfect Prime Rib roast recipe and can tell you exactly how standing rib roast can be cooked to melt in your mouth.

The Hollywood celebrities may be just another smiling face any other time of the year but when it comes to the holidays, they are the experts that we need to have to avoid horrible holiday meals. Of course, that explains why some of the most popular searches on Google today, on Christmas Eve, is all about the food preparation of Christmas dinners (and Christmas Eve Dinners.)

There are a number of recipes that have a focus for the perfect prime rib roast recipe, standing rib roast, and beef tenderloin recipes, but like anything with the Internet, just because you have a webpage doesn't mean you are an authority. If you want to hear it from an expert in the food business, then you have to check out what these two celebrities have to offer to make your meal a perfect part of the celebration.

If you are looking for Emeril Lagasse Prime Rib roast recipe including the tips on making it melt in your mouth check out the Food Network website where several Emeril recipes are available. There is also the beef tenderloin recipes from Emeril, and who needs to know Emeril's standing rib roast.

Emeril has a host of side dish recipes to accompany your delightful meal and a few deserts too. What it makes us realize is just how valuable a celebrity chef can be during the holidays. Now, all we need to do is invite ourselves to his house for dinner. We'd be happy to wash dishes in exchange for a plate of his delightful food. OMG! We're getting hungry!



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