Brand X Files: Festivus today. Sufjan does 'Up on the House Top.' DJ Pauly D's new show.

Dec 23, 2010

It's Festivus: If you opt to celebrate the fictional "Seinfeld"-based holiday this season, today's the day. Air your grievances and find a Festivus poll! [ABC News]

'Familyre' Christmas songs: The folk label Sounds Familyre has released a free collection of Christmas music, including Sufjan Stevens and Vesper Stamper's take on "Up on the House Top." [Bandcamp]

DJ Pauly D signs series option: The "Jersey Shore" star may be getting his own MTV show, which will follow his rise through the DJ scene. Get Diplo to co-star as his fast-talking best friend and we're in. [People]

'Saturday Night Live's' greatest hits: With most of the sketch comedy's 36 seasons now on Netflix Instant Watch, Splitsider has a "somewhat obsessive" guide to the best episodes. [SplitSider]

'The Wire' for $75: Order the critically acclaimed show in the next five hours and your favorite TV junkie will be very pleased come Christmas morning. [Amazon]

Four Loko holiday balls: For a baked good that will make you black out, CNN (!) has the recipe. [CNN]



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