Nellie McKay and Doris Day

Dec 13, 2009

Nellie McKay is an indie pop songstress with her own unique flair. One of Nellie McKay's favorite people is Doris Day. Rumored to be 27 years old, Nellie McKay just put together a CD tribute to Doris Day entitled, "Normal as Blueberry Pie - A Tribute to Doris Day."

Nellie McKay puts together an upbeat collection of American standard songs with eclectic, daring arrangements for "Normal as Blueberry Pie." The Philadelphia Inquirer reports Nellie McKay stated, ""From a woman's perspective, Ms. Day says a lot about her times as a popular icon that reconciled the conflicting ideas of what women 'should' be - the quest for love and fulfillment as homemaker and wife."

Doris Day is one of my personal favorites so I was pleased to see this fresh, young artist revive her work. Nellie McKay sings favorites such as "I Remember You" and "Meditation" on "Normal as Blueberry Pie."

Born in London, Nellie McKay moved to New York City with her mom when she was two. In 1994, she moved to Olympia, Washington then came back to the east coast to graduate high school in the Poconos. Three favorite things for Nellie McKay are animals, the Poconos and Doris Day.

Did you know Nellie McKay celebrates her birthday on April 13 and Doris Day celebrates hers on April 3? Doris Day was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Today Doris Day is the top-ranking female box office star of all time. I loved Doris Day in the movie, "Please Don't Eat The Daisies" and "Pillow Talk."

Compliments of YouTube, here is Nellie McKay singing "Meditation" and Doris Day singing "Meditation"

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