Hoosier Lottery - Couple Wins Hoosier Lotto

Dec 13, 2009

Hoosier lottery tickets were a wise purchase for a Daleville couple. Albert and Drena George won the Hoosier lotto $14 million jackpot. After taking the Hoosier lottery cash option, the couple walked away with a cool $6.1 million. Darn, last night I was supposed to play the New York Lottery but I went to the Dollar Tree instead!

You've got to be in the Hoosier lottery (or any lotto) to win it and this Daleville couple is living proof. NewsLink Indiana reports the Georges purchased their Hoosier lottery tickets atGas America on West Commerce Road in Daleville. They typically buy Hoosier lotto tickets on Sunday and Thursday.

Drena realized they hit the Hoosier lotto jackpot on Thanksgiving morning when she woke up to start cooking. Unfortunately, Albert's dad died on Monday and never got the good news about them winning the Hoosier Lottery.

Check out this cool Hoosier lottery commercial from YouTube:


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