Apr 12, 2009

The Ercoupe 415-C

The Ercoupe 415-C was type certified as a non-spinnable aircraft. This low-winged cabin monoplane had side by side seating for two and was made for fun flying. It was designed for novice fliers and featured dual control wheels linked to the elevators, ailerons, rudders and nose wheel. These characteristics simplified flying and helped to make the Ercoupe an “Everyman’s Airplane.” The plane developed a reputation as one of the safest planes to fly, as it would not stall or spin and was extremely forgiving.

The Ercoupe was designed by Fred E. Weick of aircraft propeller fame. After three years of testing, the plane was finally put into production in April 1940. By April of 1941, the government war effort to conserve metal halted production with orders for 900 plus aircraft left unfilled. Approximately 6,000 model 415-Cs were produced by the time production ended. This example, with its early fabric-covered wing, is among the oldest survivors of the 1,000 still registered.

Donated By: Father Thomas Rowland, El Paso, TX.

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