Comedian Kevin Hart Wins MVP in Celebrity Game

Feb 25, 2012

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Somebody was determined to have a Bieber moment.

Remember last year when the Canadian teen singing sensation Justin Bieber was named MVP of the All-Star celebrity game? It was clear from the first toss of the ball at the Friday night game that one of the celebrities playing in this year's game wanted to usurp the pop singer and claim the crowd this year.

By a landslide, it was funnyman -- and little guy (5 feet 2) -- Kevin Hart, who got ejected from the game minutes before it ended, tossed a shoe and ripped his shorts off.

The crowd laughed at the mere look at the petite Hart standing next to guys like Dwight Howard. Even during a fan moment, Hart was aiding a young fan with a dance and he barely stood a few inches above him. During the game, he would yell at his fans in the crowd in the middle of the game, laugh with them and entertained the TV audience with his antics.

He was a clear at-home favorite, too: For much of the game, he dominated social media trending.

Before Hart hoisted his MVP trophy in the air, he said to ESPN's Stuart Scott "sometimes being MVP isn't about points, Stuart. It's about what you do for your team."

But he added that he wanted to share his trophy with the man that Twitter -- and hilarious cat-calls from fans inside of the arena -- thought should have grabbed the trophy, the un-celebrity-like Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

Duncan said that Hart should get an invitation to play hoops with President Barack Obama.

"Anytime. He'd love to play with him. He's a good man," Duncan laughed.

Hart and Duncan's team, the East, beat the West 86-54.


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