'Act of Valor'

Feb 24, 2012

This film does not feature any big Hollywood actors, instead, active duty Navy SEALs are responsible for bringing the story to life. The movie contains breathtaking action scenes that are based on real life scenarios these warriors experienced on the battlefield. Here’s a sneak peek.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sir, these two men here.


CHENEY: Sean recently sat down with actor, Steven Baldwin, to talk about his involvement with this sure to be blockbuster. Take a look.


HANNITY: Stephen Baldwin, how are you?

STEPHEN BALDWIN, ACTOR: Great, Mr. Hannity, how are you? It's my first time.

HANNITY: No, you've been on my program before. Of course, you have.

BALDWIN: I thought it was my first time.

HANNITY: I would be shocked. If it is really? Then that's a mistake because you and I are pretty good friends.

BALDWIN: Absolutely.

HANNITY: We argue every once in a while.

BALDWIN: We debate.


HANNITY: One thing we're not going to disagree on, you really, really kind to get me, and I'm so glad that you did. It's out Friday night, "Act of Valor." I sat there and I watched it with my kid and I was like explaining to him, you gotta understand those are not actors. Why don’t you tell us how got involved in the project?

BALDWIN: Well, a friend of mine with Relativity Media who produced film, Tucker Tolly, he's an old, old buddy of mine. Twenty years in Hollywood working together. And I get this invitation to go to the USS Intrepid to the museum and see this film.

And I know its real Navy SEALs in “Act of Valor.” I like to with my partner on my radio show Kevin McCullough we like to do everything we can to support the troops.

HANNITY: I know you do.

We saw the film and went to the Q&A afterwards and the thing that was powerful was the first statement by the director and any one of the guys in the film was.

We made this film because we really, I wouldn't say what they said, but they really haven't felt good about how the military has been depicted in Hollywood in 30, 40 years. This was a film made by soldiers for soldiers.

HANNITY: It took a long time. I mean, this went on -- filming two and a half years?

BALDWIN: Two years and the process was fast. Because, there’s a lot of red tape in all the behind the scenes of how these things happen. So Relativity had an agreement with military to basically build training facilities. They filmed it as part of this agreement.

HANNITY: Interesting.

BALDWIN: Yeah, it was very interesting. Anyway, that became developing the story of four or five different story lines. These Navy SEALs had actually experienced. They shot it all together. They wove the vignettes together.

It’s just so awesome because the message of this movie for these Navy SEALs is this is the story of the brotherhood of being soldiers. That's powerful.

HANNITY: You know, I like the fact it's an eight-man SEAL squad we're following in the movie in different jobs or missions they are involved in.

One in particular, really impressed me at the start of the movie, a woman beaten, kidnapped and their job is to rescue her. And literally all of them putting their lives on the line to find the CIA operative who had been captured.

BALDWIN: This thing I'm not just saying it, this movie had me riveted on the edge of my seat. I'm an actor. I sat there going like; I can't believe how this thing got me.

HANNITY: But this is what they really do. That's the amazing thing. This is all true stuff that they do missions that they are involved in and type of thing that they do.

Let me ask you, here you are, a bit of an anomaly, you are outspoken passionate conservative Christian in Hollywood culture.


HANNITY: You don't stand out like a sore thumb. How is it dealing with it?

BALDWIN: So far so good. I'm still here.

HANNITY: You know what I mean?

BALDWIN: Here's the blessing for me. I've been very fortunate to be working with a guy named Kevin McCullough who's long time –




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