Sudden Change Eye Serum: It Really Does Work

Jan 11, 2011

Did you see the Rachael Ray Show today? No? Good. Me neither. But boy, oh boy, did you and I both miss out. See, Rachael had on Dr. Youn. No, I don’t know who he is, but I’ll tell you what I do know. He can give you a 90 second facelift that will drastically change your appearance without even having to go under the knife. The remedies espoused by the good doctor combat crow’s feet, sagging face, and my personal favorite—under-eye bags.

According to her show’s website, Rachael Ray is helping parents maintain their youthful good looks by having guests such as Dr. Youn drop inexpensive beauty tips on her viewers. And the one that really got my attention was the tip he had for the area underneath your eyes. Dr. Youn recommends a product known as Sudden Change Under Eye Firming Serum.

And I’m here to tell that it works. At least the stuff I got did. Mine came in a package of three, and arrived via C-section on July 29, 2007, and the area under my eyes hasn’t been the same since. I wish I had a before and after photo to prove it, but God as my witness, on the day it arrived, I was just a normal guy with normal eyes. But within a few short weeks I was sporting some big ol’ bags. Dark suckers at that. I looked like a cartoon character desperately in need of a 30-minute rest with a couple of raw steaks sitting atop my eyes. One thing, though. The show claims the serum is reasonably affordable. But the stuff I got cost me an arm and a leg.

But boy did it change the way my eyes looked. Sadly, though, I seem to have plateaued a bit, so to make sure that my eyes don’t go back to normal, my wife and I ordered more. Accidentally ordered more that is.

It’s due in on July 21, 2011. Just one package this time, thank God.

We’re not sure what we’re going to name it yet.



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