Mega millions winning numbers – Virginia, NYS, Colorado, PA, Ohio, Mass, SC Lottery

Jan 1, 2011

New Year 2011 Mega millions winning numbers and Lottery Jackpot Results are up!! Colorado Lottery, VA Virginia lottery, NYS Lottery, PA Pennsylvania Lottery, Ohio lottery, SC lottery, TN lottery ,Mass Massachusetts State Lottery, md lottery, mega millions California etc winners are in announcements.

Colorado Lottery: $200 million jackpot for Tuesday’s Mega Millions drawing was the largest since Colorado joined the game in May and if there is no winner, the jackpot will grow to a whopping $237 million with an estimated $150.8 million in cash value.

Virginia lottery: The VA lottery spokesman John Hagerty says that the last ticket for $20 was sold out just after noon on Friday. The drawing is set for Saturday new years day. There are three prizes for a whopping $1 million and there are six $25 thousand prizes! This is quite a nice chunk for the VA lottery.

NYS Lottery :Two Rochester residents will have some extra money for Christmas. They have each won $1,000,000 from the state lottery. he winners will get their over-sized check Thursday at the 7-Eleven on Monroe Avenue at 1 p.m. The Christmas Powerball winning numbers are 1, 17, 38, 50, and 52, and the Powerball number is 24. The Power Play number is 2. A scam in which targets are told they’ve won thousands of dollars from a state lottery drawing is widespread, New York’s state comptroller warns.

Pennsylvania Lottery: The last of 500,000 Millionaire Raffle tickets sold out a few days ago for today’s, January 1, 2011 lottery drawing. The PA Lottery says the Millionaire Raffle tickets sold out earlier this year than last year’s lottery tickets.

Ohio lottery: Mr. Smith filed a claim Thursday as a top-prize winner — as in $500,000 — of the Ohio Lottery’s Winter Riches instant game. He bought the ticket at True North, 5473 Monroe St., Sylvania Township, which gets a $5,000 bonus for selling a top-prize ticket.

Massachusetts State Lottery : Massachusetts State Lottery announced that no one hit the Mega Millions which had a jackpot estimated at $242 million last night.



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