2010 Top 'Jersey Shore' Huh? Moments

Jan 2, 2011

Yes, it could be argued that "Jersey Shore" is one big Huh? but here are some of our favorite moments that took place at the intersection of New Jersey and Miami Beach.

1. Ron cheats on Sammi and and Sammi gets mad at everyone in the house except Ron. Wait, whaaat? The guy goes out, cheats with two women, comes home and gets into bed with you, but you're mad at your roommates?

2. The Situation doesn't get the girl twice in a row. Did we ever see this coming? Pauly D scores and The Situation is left smush-less. Good job, Miami women!

3. J Woww and Snooki get the genius idea of writing an anonymous letter to Sammi about Ron's cheating. What was better? The idea or the execution? Stick with the gelato job, Snooks. Typing ain't your thing.

4. Sorry for being gross but the discovery of Angelina's used maxi pad and what The Situation decided to do with it was something a TV writer would never come up with. Can't blame The Situation for reacting the way he did. Girlfriend is a pig.

5. The Situation's handling of the hippo in the house shows why he is this show's top wage-earner. The man is a strategist as well as a wordsmith!

6. Vinny hooked up with Snooki and then smushes Angelina. Like, really? There was no one else in Miami?

7. Vinny meets the woman of his dreams: Ramona, a go-go dancer at a club. He wants to, gasp!, romance over dinner. He buys a new outfit, gets a haircut ... even buys flowers! And the chick doesn't show up! We were just as confused as you, Vinny.

8. Disgruntled Sammi (refer to Huh? moment No. 1) continues to alienate herself from the rest of the clan with her bratty attitude. It escalates when she decides to get involved in a an argument between JWoww and Angelina. Fists start flying between Sammi and JWoww. And Sammi is convinced she is the victor. Uh, play back the tape.

9. It was the scene worthy of the "Jaws" overture: the chicken cutlet in the jacuzzi. One of the boys' many lady visitors loses her bosom enhancer. Meanwhile, the boys create a new game: toss the cutlet.

10. It stinks in this car! And the stench isn't from one of Snooki's pickles. Wait. Wait. Oh God, how old is that sandwich?



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