Lacrosse Murder Trial: Victim’s Death Tied To Adderall?

Dec 16, 2010

Defense attorneys for George Huguely are attempting to show that the women’s lacrosse player he’s accused of killing, Yeardley Love, may have died due to the presence of Adderall in her system.

Huguely is accused of beating Love to death while the two attended the University of Virgina (she was found “lying in a pool of blood in her off-campus apartment, with one eye swollen shut and a large bruise on her face caused by ‘blunt force trauma,’”).

He was a member of the men’s lacrosse team, while she played for UVA’s women’s team.

Now, Huguely’s defense team is arguing that their are irregularities in the original autopsy report, and are requesting access to it. Emergency personnel performed 24 minutes of CPR on Love, which, they’re arguing, may have added to said irregularities.

The defense is arguing that the 24 minutes of CPR performed by emergency personnel contributed to confusion on Love’s autopsy report.

Jack Daniel, a forensic consultant who also testified Wednesday, said Love had Adderall in her system.

He said the presence of Adderall can make a person more susceptible to a heart arrhythmia and argued that Love died from cardiac arrhythmia, not blunt force trauma.

Love’s death sparked a media firestorm back in May, drawing all sort of (uncalled for) comparisons to the Duke lacrosse scandal.



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