Jordan Cool Greys: What's Dumber Than Dumb?

Dec 23, 2010

Dudes are going crazy right now over the release of these butt-ugly Jordan Retro 11 Cool Grey sneakers.

The shoes went on sale last night at midnight.

For sneakers?

What do you think of the season's hottest sport shoe?

At least kids get a better deal on these fugly kicks. A pair of pint-sized Cool Greys will only set you back $64.99

And infant-sized Cool Greys (the ugliest version of all) are practically a steal, at $39.99.

I wondered why on earth these shoes are going for so much -- and why so many people are dead set on buying them.

Well, according to the description, these shoes are modeled after the ones that helped Michael Jordan deliver a 72-win season. This particular pair is similar to the ones Jordan wore during his last game with the Chicago Bulls at Madison Square Garden.

So as the logic goes, all that stands between my husband and NBA superstardom is a pair of $179.99 shoes?



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