Jets coach trips player

Dec 13, 2010

New York Jets assistant coach Sal Alosi tripped Miami Dolphins players Nolan Carroll. Alosi admitted to tripping Carroll, who was covering a punt and running along the sidelines during the game on Sunday.

The New York Jets lost to the Dolphins, 10-6. The play in question happened with 2:58 minutes left in the third quarter.

Yahoo Sports reports Sal Alosi stated, “I made a mistake that showed a total lapse in judgment. My conduct was inexcusable and unsportsmanlike and does not reflect what this organization stands for.”

Alosi apologized to Tony Sparano, Nolan Carroll, Woody Johnson, Mike Tannebaum and Rex Ryan and indicated, “I accept responsibility for my actions as well as any punishment that follows."

Nolan Carroll said, “I'm not angry. It's not my problem; it's the Jets' problem. We just move on.”

According to ABC News, Jets public relations chief Bruce Speight said in a statement on Sunday night, “The team is reviewing the situation and is looking into the appropriate next steps.”

A replay showed Alosi leaning his left leg in to trip Carroll, who went down for a moment then limped off the field. Carroll returned later to play in the game.

The Jets and their fans remain hopeful for a recovery from their recent losses. The next road games happen at Pittsburgh and Chicago.

The New York Times reported Jerricho Cotchery said, “I don't feel like it's slipping away. But there is a sense of urgency.”



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