Dec 13, 2010

Gunbroker, Celerant Technology, a leader in the retail software industry, has completed integration with, the world’s largest online auction of firearms and accessories. Seamless integration with the shopping site auction very good reputation enables dealers to more effectively present their firearms and accessories in a streamlined process, directly from their stocks in their command of retail software.

“In addition to the many functions we have built into our system for the firearms industry, including electronic A & D Books series of reports under the guidelines of the ATF, this new integration is one that will, In addition, our customers increase their sales on the web, translating into increased revenue, “said Ian Goldman, Celerant Technology President and CEO. “We are constantly looking to expand our product offering to specialize it to meet the needs of different vertical markets. Integration services in specific products such as strengthen our presence in the firearms industry and help us achieve our goal of being complete retail software for a variety of retail industries. ”

Integrating with site Celerant Command Retail E-Commerce enables retailers to manage all auctions in a central location, directly on their own website. Dealers have the ability to display auctions open auctions closed auctions recently created, has recently closed auctions and auctions that close today. Auctions can be easily added, deleted or re-sale and bids can be modified, without ever leaving the site E-Commerce.

“The feature works similarly to our eBay integration, because customers are able to release products that are easily configured to be auctioned on,” said Murtaza Hamdani, Director of Technology Celerant E-Commerce “. In addition, imports of mass can be completed, rather than individually, and the models can be created and copied to accelerate future communications with restrictions and shipping methods, minimizing the work on the end of retailer. ”



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