Crossbow Cannibal was a known 'serial killer' in the making

Dec 30, 2010

Police knew that Stephen Griffiths, the Crossbow Cannibal, was dangerous but were powerless to act, it has been revealed.

Griffiths was being watched two years before he killed his victims, and a haul of hunting knives and a crossbow had already been seized by police.

Managers of the flats where he lived had been alerted by a WPC after librarians reported Griffiths was reading books about human dismemberment.

Housing staff insisted no females went alone to speak with Griffiths after neighbours had reported threats and sinister behaviour towards women.

The association even kitted up the male caretaker with a panic alarm as they were so concerned by Griffiths' behaviour.

Griffiths had formed "platonic" relationships with at least two women residents in the block who had at first described him as polite and friendly.



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