Christine Logan Found Dead in Jerusalem

Dec 19, 2010

JERUSALEM (LALATE) – American Christine Logan has been found dead Sunday after she disappeared Saturday. Christine Logan’s death is confirmed twenty-four hours after she and friend Susan Kaye Wilson were reportedly stabbed in a mountain region outside Jerusalem. Wilson has survived her injuries.

The two women were reportedly bound and stabbed by Arab attackers during their hiking expedition between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Wilson told investigators today that she survived after faking dead. She says the attack was near Khirbet Hanut, located near Biet Shemesh.

A search effort was begun this weekend after Wilson detailed her location. Police say Logan’s body was discovered near the location where Wilson was found.

Wilson’s injuries are on the surface. Officials say she did not lose blood. She was examined by Hadassah University Medical Center.

Police are still investigating the path of Route 375 near Mata Sunday. Israel Police Inspector General David Cohen has deployed a mobile task force in the area to aid the investigation.



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