2010 Census Results Reveal Population Growth, Distribution

Dec 21, 2010

(Washington, DC) -- The results of the 2010 U.S. Census show more than 308 million people are living in the U.S. now.

At a Washington, DC, press conference, Census Bureau Director Robert Groves said the 2010 count represents a nine-point-seven percent increase over the 2000 resident U.S. population count.

The new numbers show California is the most populous state, with more than 37-million residents.

Wyoming is the least-populated state, with more than 563,000 residents.

Census results show Texas notched the biggest numerical increase in population to more than 25-million residents.

Nevada had the highest percentage gain in population, growing by more than 35 percent since the 2000 Census.

The South and West regions made the biggest population increases since the last count.
The Northeast and Midwest also picked up in population count.

The Census measures population changes and density in the United States and is key in allocating billions of dollars in spending.

The numbers are also used to apportion the seats in the U.S. House among the 50 states.



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