Stacy DiJulius & Erich Schultz Dead in Murder-Suicide

Mar 22, 2009

Stacy DiJulius & Erich Schultz Dead in Murder-Suicide

Stacy DiJulius and Erich Schultz were drinking and arguing at Panini’s Bar & Grill on Route 82 in Sagamore Hills, Ohio at 7:20 p.m. on Saturday evening, according to Summit County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Scott Cottle. Their altercation ended in her murder and his subsequent suicide.

Witnesses reported that the couple made a scene inside and then abruptly left the facility. They continued arguing in the parking lot as they got into a vehicle. Schultz, of Glenwillow, reportedly threw DiJulius out of his car and ran her over, while still on Panini property. He then got out, rolled her body over and began to cry. He returned to his jeep to retrieve a gun, and shot himself in the head.

Both victims were taken to Sagamore Hills Medical Center. DiJulius, 39, died on Saturday night. Schultz, 38, was airlifted to MetroHealth Medical Center where he died at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon.

DiJulius, of Aurora, is co-owner of the popular Mayfield Heights business, John Robert’s Hair Salon & Spa, a chain with four locations that employes 150 people. Her husband, John DiJulius, is a successful author, speaker and entrepreneur, involved in numerous business ventures.

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